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  1. Trauma Cure

    All type of injuries, sprain conclusion of brain, fracture, slow union of bone, and wounds caused by sharp weapons. Trauma Cure is an effective Medicine for all age group.
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  2. Earo Ear Oil

    Discharge from ears due to suppuration in the middle of ear.
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  3. Sexotone (Tablets)

    Sexual nervine tonic for Male and Female exhaustion, loss of strength, lack of passion and vitality and old age debility. Sexotone is proven effective Homoeopathic Medicine. Sexotone has a selective over all tonic effective on debilities due to sexual excess. Sexotone thus restores sense of well being and acts as a powerful mood elevator.
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  4. Tonsitone Drops

    Enlarged Tonsils, Causing Fever and Malaise, Presence of pseudemembrane on the tonsils, Congrestive redness of fauces with painful deglation, uvula oedematous, cough with pain in larynx and hoarse voice. Coryza, sneezing, hay fever, lots of smell, stringy discharge, throbbing headache, worse from jarring and pain over eyes worse from pressure.
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  5. Motia Tablet

    Cataract and vision improvement. Motia tablets checks cataract and improves vision to the eyes. It is also useful in glaucoma, trachoma, myopia, hypermetropia, lachrymation, firstula lachrymalis spot and blindness.
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