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The history of Homoeopathy dates back to almost 200 years when Dr. Samuel Hahnemann, a German doctor, presented a concept of Similia Similibus Curenter, meaning let likes cure likes. According to this concept, all the substances that are capable of producing symptoms of illness in a healthy being are the ones responsible for curing them. If given in micro quantities, every illness can be treated from its root and this concept marked the beginning of homoeopathy in the year 1796. To expand the legacy of homeopathy across domestic and National markets, we, Jnson Laboratories Pvt. Ltd., entrenched our roots in the market as a manufacturer and wholesaler of an ample array of homeopathic medicines. Dentin Tablet, Alfalfa Shakti Syrup, Face Care Drops and Leuco Ointment are some of many homeopathic products that we offer to our customers.
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